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Skin film for packaging

It is a heat-sealed filmon a substrate  (such as a tray or other container) that wraps perfectly around the item being packaged to form a "second skin".
In the food sector, in addition to providing robust sealing of the contents in the packaging, this kind of skin packaging also provides longer shelf life and much better design aesthetics: In fact, the contents' three-dimensionality is actually highlighted, a feature largely absent in other packaging solutions.
The skin film is available both in high barrier and barrier-free, in various gauges and types of final packaging, depending on the push-through required and the type of opening required.

In the industrial sector, the "skin" film can be used for the packaging of small parts or items typically positioned on coated cardboard or PE laminated substrate. 

Packaging co-extruded

Plaskin 3201

Film coex barriera Industrial Skin - Sealing IN, Untreated OUT

Packaging co-extruded

Plastofresh HB LS

Film coex barriera Skin High barrier - Sealing IN, Untreated OUT

Packaging co-extruded

Plastofresh P

Film coex barriera Skin Low barrier - Sealing IN, Untreated OUT

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