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In order to ensure the safe handling of goods and fast delivery, Finfoil uses a dedicated strategically located warehouse and only uses carefully selected tried-and-tested transport operators. Deliveries are made regularly within 48/72 hours or 24 hours in case of special emergencies.

Save time with the digital packing list

By sending transport documents in advance (packing lists and analysis certificates) Finfoil can give advance notice of the delivery of orders.
This allows the client to take action by sorting and distributing documents to its various internal departments several days before actual delivery.
They can therefore be prepared and go ahead without any problems at the time of arrival of the goods.
The packing list can be provided in Excel format so the data can be then imported directly into the client's computer system, thus saving a considerable amount of time.

Made to measure for your business

We always remember your operational preferences

As a result of our comprehensive and flexible management system, Finfoil can store service preferences such as:

  • Material packaging
  • delivery time at warehouse
  • pallet format
  • labelling 

This approach guarantees a faster, more attentive service that fits your business needs.


Finfoil has the management and operational flexibility to meet your needs in terms of: 

  • Quantities (from small quantities up to the complete vehicle load)
  • customized documents
  • product type


Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are available throughout the day to offer assistance and information, and to handle any operational enquiries.

One-click operating documents

Finfoil provides, through customised credentials, access to operational documents on its website. The client can access:

  • their purchase orders and PO history
  • goods available in the warehouse
  • product information and relevant technical documentation

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Back-up stock

Finfoil is always happy to keep dedicated stocks of materials in the warehouse and to keep these resupplied adequately in order to meet client requirements.

Order on request

Finfoil offers the service of "on call" orders, a system by which the client can raise a request for an order that is held in the warehouse.
The materials ordered can be collected multiple times, following a call within an agreed time frame.

Stock Consignment

With our Stock Consignment service, the client can make an order for goods that are then stored at their warehouse after which they inform us from time to time of the drawdown they make from them within an agreed time period.


Please take a look at the catalogue to find the right product for you or contact us for information or advice.

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