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Finfoil follows the principles of quality systems throughout all its operations, based on the internal culture of its staff and the careful selection of its partner companies. 
All its associated manufacturers work to a certified quality system and the company can supply documentary evidence of this at any time.
Product quality is at the heart of Finfoil's mission. Before taking on any mandate, Finfoil considers fundamental aspects such as the expertise and experience of the manufacturer and their technicians, the technology they use, and the raw materials they work with. 
Finfoil deploys reporting and analytics tools to manage its own in-house operations and those of manufacturing companies so that it can constantly and accurately monitor service performance and product quality as part of its drive for effectivecontinuous improvement.
We regularly check raw material performance by reading the official published indices. And we assess market trends by wide-scanning, which enables us to operate across the whole of Europe and maintain an international network of contacts. Data processing and analysis of actual performance enable the company to set its sales pricing correctly, thus ensuring that its value proposition is sound, transparent and reliable.
Finfoil applies the same stringent standards, focus and care in appraising and selecting its logistics and transport service suppliers.

Technical Consulting

Finfoil's staff has extensive knowledge of the products and their applications.
The experts are available to assist research and development managers, technical and production directors with technical advice in their research for the most suitable product for:

  • new products
  • machine setup
  • new sectors

We help clients avoid production line setups with the wrong materials and help optimize research and development cost-efficiency so as to open up new opportunities.


Products distributed by Finfoil or sold on behalf of the manufacturer are guaranteed by law as regards product conformity.
In the event that the material distributed is of non-EU origin, it is released into free circulation, and as such is customs cleared and able to be sold and delivered in Europe, without any additional charge to the client.
The products ready for packaging and intended for direct contact with food are customs cleared under "health clearance".
Finfoil also deals with the management and control of any product non-conformities that may occur in supplies, providing appropriate solutions, technical comments and corrective actions.
Finfoil also maintains a product liability insurance cover for damages arising from the product supplied, even though this is not a commonly adopted approach for its well-known competitors.


Its presence on the market for over 14 years, its choice of Partner companies and enduring partnerships, all exceeding 10 years, all attest to the excellent reputation that Finfoil has won.
Finfoil's operational performance is easy to reference in the market place since it has been in business for many years marketing flexible packaging and industrial products. Finfoil operates mainly in the Italian and German-speaking markets, although it does also have supplier relationships in the rest of Europe, and outside Europe.
Finfoil has been an external member of Giflex (Italian Association of Flexible Packaging Manufacturers) for over 10 years.


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Logistics and warehouse

Deliveries in 48/72 hours, warehouse management, digital packing list

Logistics and services